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What is the difference between using VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and taking aspirin?

Aspirin dissolves in the stomach and small intestine, where the body absorbs it. It then moves into the bloodstream and the entire body. Although aspirin has been absorbed in the entire body, it is only needed in the damaged tissue where the most prostaglandins are being produced.

These prostaglandins act as signals to the brain and cause inflammation and intense pain. The problem with aspirin taken orally is that it is absorbed into the bloodstream and the body actually needs prostaglandins in healthy tissues.

Aspirin causes the stomach lining to thin and the digestive juices to irritate it. VooDoo Pain Relief Cream is applied directly onto the skin and absorbed quickly at the site of the pain.

Therefore, VooDoo Pain Relief Cream does not travel through or interfere with the digestive tract.

What is the difference between VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and VooDoo Sports Cream?

Both products have 11 anti-inflammatory ingredients, but the difference is in the active ingredients of the two products. VooDoo Pain Relief Cream’s active ingredient is Trolamine Salicylate, which is an organic salt formed by the combination of triethanolamine and salicylic acid (aspirin).

VooDoo Sports Cream’s active ingredient is menthol, which is an organic compound that causes a cooling sensation followed by a warming sensation that distracts you from the pain by blocking the pain signals sent to the brain.   

How do I know whether to use the Pain Relief Cream or Sports Cream, and can they both be used together?

If you are allergic to aspirin then you should use VooDoo Sports Cream and not VooDoo Pain Relief Cream. If you like the cooling sensation of menthol then you will like VooDoo Sports Cream. And yes, you can use both products together.

In fact, most people who have used the products feel like they get the best results when using both VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and VooDoo Sports Cream at the same time on painful areas of their body.

I'm not feeling the results from the products that other people rave about. What am I doing wrong?

Our return rate is .001% and the few returns we have had have pretty much all been the same thing. The customers didn't use enough of the products and they didn't use it frequently enough.

Try upping the amount of cream you are using and repeat the application up to four times a day and we are confident you will see much more positive results.


How long does it take VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and VooDoo Sports Cream to work?

You should be able to feel a reduction in the pain within 5 to 10 minutes.

Most people continue to irritate their pain conditions with daily activity so repeated applications are often needed for chronic pain.

How often can you use VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and VooDoo Sports Cream in a day?

Repeat as necessary, but no more than four times a day. Applying the cream in the morning before you get going and at bedtime are two applications that are especially important.

Can VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and VooDoo Sports Cream be used during physical therapy treatments?

VooDoo Pain Relief Cream can be used with ultrasound equipment, cold-laser therapy or hot/cold packs and patients will experience a greater range of motion and a reduction in their level of pain.

Do not use VooDoo Sports Cream with hot packs because it contains menthol and it can burn your skin.