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3-pack Pain Relief Cream
3-pack Pain Relief Cream

3-pack Pain Relief Cream

$50.00 Regular price $70.50

2-pack Pain Relief Cream & Sports Cream
2-pack Pain Relief Cream & Sports Cream

2-pack Pain Relief Cream & Sports Cream

$40.00 Regular price $47.00

3-pack 2 Sports Cream & 1 Pain Relief
3-pack 2 Sports Cream & 1 Pain Relief

3-pack 2 Sports Cream & 1 Pain Relief

$50.00 Regular price $70.50

3-pack 2 Pain Relief & 1 Sports Cream
3-pack 2 Pain Relief & 1 Sports Cream

3-pack 2 Pain Relief & 1 Sports Cream

$50.00 Regular price $70.50

3-pack Sports Cream
3-pack Sports Cream

3-pack Sports Cream

$50.00 Regular price $70.50

2-pack Sports Cream
2-pack Sports Cream

2-pack Sports Cream

$40.00 Regular price $47.00

2-pack Pain Relief Cream
2-pack Pain Relief Cream

2-pack Pain Relief Cream

$40.00 Regular price $47.00

Here's what some of our celebrity friends have to say!

Hank Haney

World Renowned Golf Instructor

"After decades of playing and coaching golf, my body doesn’t recover like it used to. I use both the VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and Sports Cream to alleviate pain in my back and neck."

Ray Adams

Golf TV Host

"I have a bad rotator cuff and Voodoo is a must have for my aches and sore muscles."

How VooDoo Pain Relief Cream Works

The Pain Cycle

Pain is the result of your body's natural response to injury.  As a result of your injury, your body produces the enzyme COX-2, which produces Prostaglandins and other chemicals as part of a vicious cycle of inflammation, swelling and intense pain signals to your brain.

Block The Cycle

VooDoo Pain Relief Cream's proprietary formulation binds to COX-2, slowing the release of prostaglandins, and blocking the pain cycle at the site of your pain.  VooDoo Pain Relief Cream also hinders the formation of other chemicals involved in the inflammatory response. 

Feel The Relief

With your body's pain cycle interrupted, VooDoo's clinically proven deep penetrating formula also delivers nutrients your body uses to speed the healing process. VooDoo's Pain Relief Cream's unique action dramatically lowers the volume of the pain signals to your brain and provides fast and long lasting relief.

Real Results For Real People


Have tried this for my own back and elbow pain from a lot of golf practice. Absolutely works fantastic! Gave a tube to my mother, who has a very bad arthritic shoulder she can hardly move. After 1 week she regained about 50% range of motion and no pain doing it! Now that is amazing! 

- Carol R.

Great Product

Voodoo cream is a great product, I have a bad knee and this product is better than any pain relief I have ever tried. Just received my second order!

- Tim S.

Unbelievable Relief

I got the Voodoo Pain Relief for occasional back pain from golfing. This past month I developed a case of Shingles. The pain was awful. The worst I have ever experienced. I applied the Voodoo PR around the outbreak and within minutes, I had unbelievable relief.

- Darren T.

Great Stuff

I started Using VooDoo about a month ago, my neck and left shoulder were giving me fits of pain, use daily and the pain has substantially receded. Even use it on my Diabetic nerve pain in my feet at night and it helps with that issue as well. Great Stuff.

- Nicole Z.

It's the Best

I have awful pain in my lower back and shoulder area. I tried the VooDoo Pain Relief and I actually got relief. I have several golf friends that I have let use the cream and they all bought it. It’s the BEST!

- Michael B.

Thank you!

I'm on my feet all day working. I use it on my knees and my right hip, which is bone on bone. I got a cortisone shot to ease the pain some. But with the voodoo pain cream on it also, the pain is minimal if none at all. Thank you Hank !!

- Mindy S.

Finally a product that works!

I have had chronic shoulder pain for the last ten years. After trying many different products, I have found the best. Hats off to Voodoo for coming out with a product that finally works for pain relief. If you haven't tried this product yet, I highly recommend it.

- Kathy P.

I was Skeptical

I was skeptical, the salicylate is the real deal, those others use capsaicin or heat, not good, they may even cause inflammation , I understand. Great product... even works on my sciatica... Thanks, thanks, thanks! 

- Jack D.

After Car Accident

I was in a car accident two weeks ago and injured my neck on the left side as my head and shoulder were thrown into the window. I did not feel that I needed medical attention. I used VooDoo pain relief cream on my shoulder and neck and found it to be very effective in relieving the muscle tension. I would highly recommend anyone to use this cream for muscle aches and pains.

- Dave R.

I'm a Believer!

I have been using this product for about two months. I am 62 years old and travel by air about every week and play golf on the weekends. The pain relief cream really works. I got a headache last night and tried the cream on my forehead and it the pain was gone within five minutes. I am a BELIEVER.

- Peter L.

Pleasantly Surprised

Just received my initial order of VooDoo PRC. Applied on neck shoulder area after waking up with a so called " kink ". Right knee pain also received an application. Within minutes both areas pain free. Pleasantly surprised. Had to give a try since hearing about product from Hank Haney of his XM PGA daily radio show. Thanks Hank

- Mitch W.

It was Incredible

I’m a 54 year old golf professional. I’m been practicing for a up coming golf tournament. I hurt my left forearm and haven’t been able to practice. I heard Hank Haney on XM Radio about Voodoo Cream. I gave it a try and put it on and it was incredible. It took the pain away. It doesn’t smell or burn like other creams and it actually works ! What a great product!

- Jon C.

Thank you!!

I cannot thank you enough~! The cream has changed my life. I have MS and get horrible pain in my legs. I was losing sleep and could barely make it through the day. I have a 2 year old…and I could not keep up with him. You gave me my life back, and gave my 2 year old the mom he deserves! Thanks you!!!

- Tracie M.

Results are Miraculous

I’m 75, I’ve played the Senior mini golf tours for years. Due to old injuries and surgeries I have fought arthritic knees for years. The last two weeks I’ve used VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and the results are miraculous. My knees have less pain than I’ve had in 20 years. My brother has knee issues also, I gave him VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and he’s a believer as well. Great stuff.

- Les O.

Nagging Pain has subsided!

I’ve been having neck pain of late and my reoccurring tendonitis has been with me the past 5 months. I’ve tried different avenues and nothing seemed to be working. A friend told me to try VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and VooDoo Sports Cream. I gave it a shot and my nagging pain has subsided!! VooDoo is working for me!

- Jeff F.

Stuff Really Works

I have a very bad arthritis growth on my right hand that is very painful. Heard about how VooDoo Pain Relief Cream was guaranteed to work so I went to the website and read the reviews that were all positive and I placed an order. The VooDoo Cream arrived a few days later. I rubbed it on my thumb and in minutes there was no pain. My wife tried it on her pain and it worked for her. I let a couple of golf friends try it and it worked for them. This stuff really works.

- Dean B.

This Stuff Really Works

This stuff really works!! I’ve tried all kinds of cream and rubs for pain. Thought this might be just another one but I was really wrong. As someone who has pain issues and wants to stay super active VooDoo is a home run-or make that a hole in one!!

- Bob N.

So Impressed

I used VooDoo Pain Relief Cream last month on my shoulder. The pain stopped in 30 minutes. I was so impressed I gave it to my son in law and ordered two more tubes. We will be regular customers.

- Larry H.

Alternative to Narcotics

I help run a doctors office and we have tried alternative methods other than narcotics for pain relief. Our doctor tried VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and we are having good results from it.

- Kathie F.

Working Fabulously

I have been contending with a number of painful issues that are related to inflammation responses in my body. The number of supplement and therapies I have tried over the years is too lengthy to list and the results have varied from ok to nothing. I’m will to try anything and heard Hank rave about VooDoo. After a week of using VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and VooDoo Sports Cream I am ready to state that these cream are working fabulously. Thank you for developing this excellent formula. It has helped me immensely and brings me true pain relief and with that great hope.

- Henry R.

Really Works

Just bought 2 more tubes. VooDoo Pain Relief Cream is the only pain relief cream I’ve found that really works.

- Mark H.

HIGHLY Recommend

Suffering from two torn labrum I’m not able to play back to back rounds of golf anymore. After using VooDoo for the first time as a last resort before a golf tournament, I was successfully able to play 4 rounds in a row virtually pain free. I’ve tried everything from kinesio tape to prescription anti-inflammatory drugs and undoubtedly VooDoo outperforms them all. In my experience this was a miracle remedy and HIGHLY recommend giving this product a chance.

- Oliver C.

Great Pain Relief

VooDoo Pain Relief Cream is really a great reliever. I would recommend it to anyone. I have used the first two tubes and have re-ordered. Not only has it helping with the pain, but I am not getting the pain as often. Thanks. I will tell everyone I can.

- John L.

Works Like Magic

Product is marketed accurately, it works like Magic. I have used it on my knee and for the first time in a long time I’m sleeping through the night.

- Mike C.

It is Awesome

I am loving the way VooDoo Pain Relief Cream works. I use it on my knees, shoulders and elbows! It is awesome!! Thank you.

- Michael S.

Thank you.

Thank you for this awesome product! I, as many people do have aches and pains. I have been a courier for FedEX for 25 years and need a left knee replacement. The VooDoo Sports Cream helps me do my daily tasks for work and I’m enjoying golf with less pain.

- Christine A.

Twice the Relief!

Many people get the best results by combining VooDoo Pain Relief Cream and VooDoo Sports Cream. This combination offers extra strength relief with the cooling effect of menthol.


We Put The Magic In Everything We Do

Each VooDoo product has been meticulously formulated to provide you with the absolute best results money can buy. We GUARANTEE our products will be the best you've ever tried!  If you don't agree simply return it for a full product refund.  

Meet The Founder

Hank Haney has been one of the world's highest profile golf instructors for more than 30 years. He has dedicated his life to helping people get better at the game—from top-level professionals on the major tours to weekend warriors and kids picking up golf for the first time. In addition to his illustrious teaching career, Haney hosts one of the most popular shows on satellite radio six days a week, from his home base in Phoenix.

It was his experiences with world-class athletes and dedicated amateur players that illustrated just how important the world of pain management was—and that the market was ready for a line of products that offer serious, long-lasting relief without many of the common side effects that limit other treatments.

Haney teamed up with his lifelong friend Ron Davidson and a team of world-class scientists and physicians to start The VooDoo Lab. He had one goal: to make the best pain relief creams in the world. Since The VooDoo Lab was created in 2017, his total focus has been on creating products so good that they must be magic.

If you love your VooDoo cream—or have any questions about it—you can email Hank directly at

Hank Haney on VooDoo Pain Relief

Click to here from Hank on why he created VooDoo Pain Relief and how he's dedicated to making it the best product out there