3-pack Pain Relief Cream, Sports Cream, Everywhere Lotion

3-pack Pain Relief Cream, Sports Cream, Everywhere Lotion

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VooDoo Pain Relief Cream provides fast, powerful pain relief where and when you need it most, including sensitive areas like the face and jaw. Our Pain Relief Cream has been endorsed by many highly respected figures in musculoskeletal and craniofacial pain management. VooDoo Pain Relief Cream’s patented formulation uses the highest quality ingredients and combines the maximum amount of our FDA-approved topical pain reliever (trolamine salicylate) with an additional 11 anti-inflammatory ingredients in our proprietary trans-dermal delivery system to penetrate fast and deliver ingredients directly to aching joints and muscles. 3.4 fl oz tube.

VooDoo Sports Cream pain relief formula is fast acting and long lasting. It provides relief from muscle and joint pain that are associated with athletes in all arenas. VooDoo Sports Cream combines a powerful cooling therapy with the additional 11 anti-inflammatory ingredients found in our VooDoo Pain Relief Cream. These ingredients are used in an advanced nanotechnology delivery system to quickly target sources of pain and discomfort. 3.4 fl oz tube

VooDoo Shave Cream is simply the best shave cream you will ever use. While some shave creams are designed for sensitive skin, VooDoo Shave Cream is designed with the idea that everyone’s skin should be treated as if it is sensitive. It lathers up into a thin slick layer that gives you a clean, comfortable shave and leaves you with unbelievably smooth skin. 6 fl oz tube.

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